ß Soul Synergy Imagery
Soul Synergy Imagery
13. April 2014

I totally have to blog this lovely peachy cheeky set I did with Elle Heavin who is also designer of these lovely pieces. We named “Brown Eyed Girl” because that’s what she is and that’s what we were listening to for half the shoot. ;)   Btw, Im best at keeping up with my insta so if you want to see more of my work hit that up soul_synergy

“Brown eyed girl”




Also decided to…

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She embraced the universe as a gift no matter the elements.
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Bitch, don’t kill my vibe!
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Do’ncha know sweeping her off her feet simply means to treat her w/ respect and like she’s not every other girl.
"I am he as you are he as you are meAnd we are all together”… Beatles
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Tongue-tied and twisted; just an earth-bound misfit - Pink FloydI love a shoot the sings an old school rock n roll tune to me.

Model: Mallory CostenView Post
Some things just deserve your center of attention. 
Take me away to a time like this
models: Jacklyn Balean and Micha Sprague
Mua: Chloe Freeman
dream day and night
water color
mua: eliana vargas
model: brianda catalan
Right at home

Model: Leah Fix
Mua: Brie Seavey